15 Best Vinyl Siding Cleaners For A Tidy Look In 2022 (2023)

Although vinyl sidings are popular for American homes due to their durability and design, they tend to get dirty quite quickly. So, check out our list of the best vinyl siding cleaners for easy maintenance.Vinyl sidings offer easy applications and are available in various colors to suit your taste. They may be low-maintenance and not decay; however, they may turn moldy and catch mildew over time. So. the vinyl siding cleaners can help keep the siding clean and long-lasting. With various available options, you can take a look at our list to choose the right one.

15 Best Vinyl Siding Cleaners

1. Best Multi-Purpose: RMR-86 Instant Mold And Mildew Stain Remover Spray

RMR’s liquid cleaner is a highly effective cleaner that removes all stains caused by mildew or mold and the damp and musty odors left behind by such stains. It is a quick-acting spray that can target mold embedded between cracks or elsewhere. It is simple and easy to use on multiple surfaces, including vinyl. Click here to check out a detailed personal review of this product.Pros

Multi-purpose No scrubbing required Ready to use


Strong bleach smell

2. Best Environment-Friendly: Calyptus All-Purpose Vinegar

Calyptus all-purpose cleaner is highly concentrated and effective. It is nine times more potent than vinegar. It can be diluted up to 1:8 with water or used straight for effective cleaning. It makes nearly nine gallons of regular cleaning vinegar when diluted. This cleaner is made with plant-based ingredients.Pros

Environment safe Used for both indoor and outdoor cleaning Unscented


It could be harmful tothe skin

3. Best No-Scrub Formula: Rejuvenate High-Performance Outdoor Window Spray

Rejuvenate’s outdoor window spray is a concentrated non-scrub formula that removes stains instantly. This formula is not harmful to plants. Attach the spray to your hose, wet it, apply it, and wait for two to three minutes before rinsing it off. The spray can remove dirt, salt, pollen, and other residues while leaving a gleaming shine.Pros

Multi-purpose Keeps surfaces clean for long a time Can spray up to 40m high


Might require a strong hose/scrubbing for deep cleaning

4. Best For Carpeted Surface: Star Brite Non-Skid Deck Cleaner & Protectant

Star Brite’s non-skid deck cleaner easily removes dirt and stains from surfaces. It is a bleach- and acid-free formula and also free of all harmful chemicals. In addition, it leaves a protective layer of PTEF polymers after cleaning to protect against future stains. To understand the nuances of the product in detail, you can check out this review.Pros

Safe to use No scrubbing Works on carpeted surfaces, too


Might require some scrubbing on extremely unclean surfaces.

5. Best Ready-To-Use: American Hydro Systems Rid O’ Liquid

Rid O’ Rust removes stains from most inorganic external surfaces caused by irrigation and eliminates stains from well water. The pre-mixed liquid is designed to dissolve stains in a matter of seconds. It is not compatible with materials containing iron oxide as a surface pigment or as a component.Pros

Used by both homes and professionals Needs no scrubbing Environment friendly


May not work on rust stains

6. Best For Mold And Mildew Stains: Mold Armor Cleaner

Mold armor cleaning spray comes in a pack of 24, with each bottle measuring 64 ounces. It can be attached to a hose and sprayed up to a significant distance, eliminating the need for a ladder. The cleaner easily removes dust and eliminates mold and mildew stains.Pros

Multipurpose Works in ten minutes 2X stronger formula


Might require some scrubbing for perfect cleaning

7. Best Pleasant Fragrance: OdoBan Professional Series Floor Cleaner

Odoban’s cleaning agent is a pH-neutral concentrate capable of removing tough grease and grime. It comes in a set of four bottles, each measuring 128 ounces. It cleans thoroughly and does not leave streaks or stickiness on the surface. The cleaner dries quickly. It should be diluted with water before use.Pros

Multi-purpose Does not damage finishes Pleasant fragrance


May not be suitable for marble surfaces

8. Best For Hard Surface: MiracleMist Instant Mold And Mildew Stain Remover

The MiracleMist stain remover starts working immediately. The wetting agents penetrate deep into hard and soft surfaces, removing grime, dirt, and other contaminants. This product is 40percent stronger than other bleaches, and it prevents the recurrence of stains. In addition, there are no harsh chemicals in it.Pros

Used for both indoors and outdoors Pleasant fragrance No scrubbing required


The smell might be strong

9. Best Mess-Free: Vinyl Renu Siding Restorer

The Vinyl Renu kit includes a powerful cleaner that removes dirt, oxidation, and unsightly green stains from walls. It also works as a treatment to restore color to an area of up to 350 square feet. The water-based ingredients reverse the UV rays effect on the sidings. As a result, it outlasts paint and thus does not require annual maintenance.Pros

Eco-friendly Easy to use Mess-free clean-up


It may not work in all weather conditions

10. Best Ammonia-Free: Zep Hose-End Outdoor Cleaner

The ZepHose-End cleaner comes with a powerful sprayer that connects to any garden hose and mixes and dispenses a professional-grade cleaning solution. The concentrated formula, designed specifically for use with a hose, removes debris while leaving surfaces with a streak-free, crystal-clear shine. It is not appropriate for synthetic decks.Pros

Ammonia-free formula Easy to use Good hose pressure


May leave streaks

11. Best Easy-To-Use: Rejuvenate Dual System Outdoor Window Cleaner & House Siding Cleaner

The Rejuvenate cleaner makes outdoor cleaning a breeze. The pack includes two concentrated cleaning solutions in linked bottles. This sprayer works as a vinyl siding cleaner and a home siding cleaner for painted surfaces and windows on the second floor without the need for a ladder.Pros

Non-toxic Safe for plants and grass Easy to use


The solution may be a bit foamy

12. Best Non-Flammable: DeckGeneral Vinyl Siding Cleaner

DeckGeneral cleaner removes all stains off vinyl siding, roofing, gutters, fencing, and other surfaces. The most effective way to clean vinyl siding is with a standard garden hose fitted with a nozzle. This mixture contains surfactants, detergents, and emulsifiers, which penetrate through the stains and permanently remove them.Pros

Safe to use Biodegradable Non-flammable


May take some time to work

13. Best No-Residue: Kleeners Choice Outdoor Multipurpose Cleaner

Kleeners Choice is an oxygen-activated outdoor cleaner that can be used on worn wood decks, composite decks, fences, and vinyl decks. This will remove any old water sealers that have built up on old decks and fences. The cleaning time is significantly reduced when used on wood and other surfaces.Pros

Multi-purpose Safe to use near plants Does not leave residue behind


May need a brush to clean

14. Best Versatile: RMR-86 Instant Mold And Mildew Stain Remover Spray

The stains left behind by mildew and black mold are easily removed with RMR-86 stain remover. It works well in the kitchen, drywall, and other areas. The mold stain removal spray targets deeply buried spots and works quickly. The spray needs to sit for some time before cleaning off.Pros

No scrubbing required Safe to use on multiple surfaces Easy to use


The smell might be strong

15. Best Bleach-Free: Wet & Forget Outdoor Stain Remover

Wet & Forget’s outdoor cleaner makes cleaning a breeze. The hose end and the patented nozzle extend each bottle’s reach and coverage. When connected to a hose, it can spray up to 30 feet, allowing you to clean in difficult-to-reach places. In addition, each bottle has a coverage area of up to 2,000 square feet.Pros

Easy to use Bleach-free No scrubbing or rinsing


Bottle is non-refillable

How To Choose The Right Vinyl Siding Cleaner?

Consider the following factors when choosing the right vinyl siding cleaner.

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